Friday, June 1, 2012

Are You Celebrating National Doughnut Day?

Some days shake you for all you're worth. Some days you can ignore and you simply exist. Some days you are the point man taking life by the throat. Some days... it's just all about the doughnuts.

Today, June 1st, is National Doughnut Day. I was reminded of this when Krispy Kreme followed me on twitter. I'm thinking that's a good thing. Everyone needs to be reminded there are free doughnuts out there.
The Kripsy Kreme Cruiser is on their Glaze The Nation Tour. Check it out and see if it's coming to a location near you. June 1st it will be enjoying the streets of NYC, so all you guys up there enjoy! 
We've all been tempted by the HOT NOW sign.
And, there are those moments that simple is best.
So, no matter what your choice... it's always right.
But, just so you know... THIS is my favorite. 

Writing comes easier, and children are happier when a day is filled with doughnuts, don't you think? Perhaps I'll include Krispy Kreme in book #3.... and ask to hold a book signing there. 
The question, however, remains.. which do you prefer... custard or cream filled?

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  1. I did not celebrate, because I've no idea where the nearest Krispy Kreme is. I've heard it's on the other side of Austin, but I'm not really sure which direction "the other side" is, since I live on one side and I think the city has four.

    However, they do a love lemon creme with a crumble on top that I love.