Thursday, October 4, 2012

WELCOME..... that says it all don't you think?

I was almost off to bed when I realized there's a party on twitter that I simply didn't want to miss. If you've never been a party of the waiting for #FiveMinuteFriday then you must post a reminder for next week and hop on twitter on Thursday nights and join the #FMFParty. So many sweet people just waiting to greet you and encourage. They chat all the way until 12 am EST when Lisa-Jo Baker posts the prompt for the Five Minute Friday. Drop by her blog and read about what Five Minute Friday means. It's great fun and it's pulling me out of the blogging mire I've been stuck in for too long. Get ready... this is the post written with 5 minutes on the timer.

Our prompt for this week is...... WELCOME

Have you ever been to a place where you feel unwelcome? Sure you have. Lots of times. Most houses, most churches (it's true and you know it's true), family events... sure, everyone feels on the outside looking in sometime. Well, I want my home to be a place where all feel welcome. You can show up and there will be laundry needing folding... join in.. I don't mind. There will always be toys in the floor or on the couch. I love it though because one day those toys will be gone and so will my  kids. There will always be coffee.. I drink it, I'll share it, and there's plenty more if we run out. There will always be music. We dance in our kitchen and we sing loud because we ARE loud.. most of the time There will always be chocolate. This I can promise. Chocolate is the one thing I indulge in... so hey, aren't you glad we're friends?

I want my home to be a place other kids feel welcome and have the freedom to play and be little. I've told my fabulous four to be little as long as you can because being big lasts forever.

So if you're ever out and about. Know you can always stop by here. Here is silly, here we pretend, here we laugh, here we love, here... you are WELCOME.


  1. Oh how I'd love to stop by. Hmmmm do you live in south Texas?

  2. I feel like I could walk right into your house and put my feet up on your coffee table. Love it. Thanks for sharing and if I'm ever in the neighborhood you better have the chocolate ready!

  3. It's hard to do. I had that happen on Monday. Rather spur of the moment, and being a Monday, my whole house was pastor and his wife and kids came over...and there was a lot of messes. (Amazingly, my laundry was actually done, ha!) And I had to very much look away from the messes and into their eyes...and we had a great time and the mess didn't matter. It made me wonder why I don't try more often to be more welcoming.

  4. THIS.

    This is EXACTLY what I want my home to be.

  5. I dance in my kitchen too, LOUD. Love this and I already feel welcomed. You had me at coffee and chocolate.