Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Insecure Writer's Support Group

The first post of the year! I do love new beginnings, don't you? Facing a new year of writing is intimidating, to say the least. 

Things I intend to accomplish this year in my world of writing...... well.... write.

I would love to say I have a brilliant plan for my writing schedule, but I don't. Working 7 days a week seems to take first priority, but taking time to write is like breathing. If I don't do it then I don't feel like me. 

I'm taking some time to focus on where I want to spend time connecting with other writers, and the IWSG just so happens to be my first commitment of the year. So thanks, Alex, for making this possible. You're first on the list of my writing plan. 

Happy writing, everyone! Feel free to share your writing plans for the year. 


  1. Hey! So glad I found your cute blog...seriously cute! I work full-time and it is dang hard to get time to write unless I stay up till the wee wolfing hours. my gosh!! good luck, girlie, and new follower here!

  2. You can always find a tiny block of time for that writing fix!

  3. Well, I feel bad for moaning about working 5 days a week if you work seven and can still find time to write! Nice to 'meet' you through IWSG. Wishing you success in 2014 :-)

  4. I did write some musings on my craft blog and other things and then I felt insecure about my writing as I am not a writer but I thought I would give it another chance and am glad you are trying to write in your busy life:)