Monday, November 2, 2015

Time Flies!

November is the month that stands as a reminder just how fast time goes by. Today my second oldest is 16. Just a minute ago wasn't I sixteen? Sixteen and in the 80's... now that was some kind of fun. Who doesn't love the 80's? Big hair, hair bands, bandannas, and Bon Jovi. Well, I still enjoy Bon Jovi.

My sweet family has grown so much since I started this blog. I hope and pray that each day that passes that I leave with them wisdom to live by, spiritual guidance, and love to give them courage. The truth is that with each day that passes they give me so much love that I have the strength to endure just about anything. 

Time passes fast. There's no stopping it. But, if you take the time to look around, take the time to enjoy the small miracles in every day, then time gives you the gift of beautiful memories. . 

I don't mind the passing of time, well except for the daily fight of wrinkles. Though I miss the times my kids were little I enjoy sharing in the time they are becoming more of who they were created to be. 

Be thankful. Be grateful. 

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