Tuesday, April 2, 2019

A to Z Challenge - B

One of the hardest moments in writing is when an idea surprises me, and I have to add and extend the concept. There is the glorious moment all the pieces of the puzzle fit together and page after page flows into creation! The swirl in my current story displays itself in nature.

For the letter B my swirl is displayed in blueberries! I chose these because in my mom's yard are huge blueberry bushes that will yield enough blueberries to enjoy every day for breakfast!

My garden therapy B post is for Butterfly Gardening!
New projects are intimidating, and in truth... I find it easier to stop than to finish. Recent events have given me greater determination to enjoy the process rather than focus on the finish line. I'm hoping to grown Black-Eyed Susans to attract butterflies for my garden! Fun fact - did you know that my name, Vanessa, actually means a flock of butterflies!

What's your favorite flower to grow?


  1. Love the addition of the blueberry swirl

  2. Idea, Addition, Expansion. Yes. In a book on creativity, the author mentions essence, expansion and expression. It is similar to your thought. New Product Design and Production #AtoZChallenge Blogging 2019 #NarayanaRaoProf