Thursday, February 6, 2020

Five Minute Friday - TALENT

The word for today for our Five Minute Friday is TALENT. If you want to join the fun. Click here.

Talent. We have talent of some kind. Something we are good at doing that gives us an outlet of creativity. Some talents lay dormant simply waiting to be discovered, while others are nurtured daily.

One of my daughters loves to draw. She draws, paints, and now sculpts. Daily taking time to do what she enjoys makes everything she tries an adventure. She doesn't ask for approval. She doesn't seek recognition. She simply creates.

I think of all she could do with this beautiful talent, and I've encouraged her to pursue different avenues. She considers my suggestions, but she loves to do the thing she loves, and she shares it with others.

Loving what you do, and doing what you love is important in pursuing your talent. Can you imagine living in a world where people take time to be happy with who they are and nurture their talents? Find the joy in who you are and pursue what makes you happy. Find your TALENT.

Here's a few samples from her sketch books.

Image may contain: drawing  No photo description available.

No photo description available.Image may contain: drawing



  1. Wow. That's not talent she's got. It's genius.

    With tongue firmly in cheek...

    God gave me a special skill,
    and I'll share it with you here.
    You can call it what you will,
    but I'm good at drinking beer.
    I can really pace it well
    and rarely am berated
    for so few can ever tell
    that I'm inebriated.
    I never dance around the room,
    a lampshade on my head,
    nor speak existential gloom
    about the joys of being dead.
    I'm just so glad the Lord in willing
    to take special care of drunks and children.

  2. indeed your daughter has some talent, I wonder dear writer, what is yours that you hold on to? Writing perhaps? Visiting via FMF#4

  3. She is indeed a talented artist! I love the Rafiki one that showed up in your thumbnail on FMF! We, too, have an artist in residence. He designs fireworks at age 10. I'm serious. He's super creative and wants to be a pyrotechnic. Dream big! Jenn

  4. SHE IS extremely talented. #11 FMF

  5. Wow - she is, indeed, very talented! (I cannot draw stick figures with a ruler - and am always a tad envious of the artistically talented ones:)