Thursday, September 29, 2011

Let's Celebrate the Fair

Don't you just love the fair? The smells, the noise, the people. There's nothing like being little and enjoying it all. There's nothing like watching your little ones take it all in either. Recently my crew joined my sister's family and my mom at the fair, and I must say it was more fun than I expected. I laughed more and smiled more in those few hours than I have in a long time. You could feel the excitement just standing in line.
The fun began! Rides that go round and round. I must admit, I had to take this next picture and turn away. I don't do rides that go in circles or spin. 
(Now, that's happy!)
Smallish people were warned. Stomachs aren't made to take continual spinning. But, what do I know right?
Oh, the lessons learned. I'll not name names but, I'm right.. you're wrong. I'm right, you're wrong, I'm right!

Isn't fair food better than any food you can prepare at home? Seriously... a hand dipped foot long corn dog with a giant lemonade. 
The much anticipated bag of cotton candy.
And, then there was my hot dog... yes, it's under there. That's a pile of awesome!
The fun was evident!
So when you hear the fair is in town, break out the hand sanitizer, baby wipes, tums, and your camera, and simply go enjoy the laughter of your children.
There's nothing like seeing them smile on a ride...
And... then praying all the bolts are secure when they flip upside down...
Then with tired little people and exhausted big people... 
.... we bid the fair goodbye... until next year!

Everyone give a big shout out to my sister! Today is her birthday! 

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  1. I posted recently about the fair too - love it, love it! Also, hello! Nice to meet a fellow Christian author :)