Monday, September 19, 2011

Let's Celebrate The Worst Movies Ever!

I love a good challenge! Alex J. Cavanaugh is hosting the
The history of me... I don't do scary anymore, but once upon a time...... well, I became a horror movie fanatic quite early. I've seen them all. A product of the 80s and the first VCRs, my movie rentals were complete each weekend with at least two horror flicks. Therefore, my "worst movies ever" are mostly horror films because if I showed up at the movie rental place, then I came home with SOMETHING regardless. So here's the list... not much description needed. The covers say it all!

(Walking over those manhole covers just never was the same.)

(Trolls, really?)

Ghoulies II
(Just.... funny to me.)

(Drop kick and go, how can you not escape?)

Puppet Master
(Disassemble.... how hard is that?)

(Did anyone stay awake through this? I... could... not.)

Silent Night, Deadly Night
(Just a shame.)

Howard the Duck
(I refuse to comment. Just agree.)

Swamp Thing
(Don't you just want some things to be scary?)

My number one pick for the worst movie of all time.... Basket Case. Oh, please tell me if you've seen this. I look forward to visiting the other participants in the blogfest, and we thank the movie industry for all the picks.. you give us reason to read and to write! Happy popcorn eating! 


  1. Obviously there were not many video stores in our area at the time because I have seen every one of those also. They were horrible but entertaining at the same time. The special effects were terrible but at the time we didn't know any better. LOL. Watch them now and you will get a good laugh. Darrin

  2. I have not seen any of your mentioned films though they do seem abit scarey.I enjoyed your presentation of your post.

    Thank you for your visit and comment, Much appreciated..

  3. I haven't heard of most of these. I think I saw Ghouls. LOL. Oh, but, I liked Dune. I spend the entire movie explaining what was going on to my sister.

  4. I've not seen any of the movies but the trailer for basket case is so weird.

  5. Oh I agree they were all the worst!! Stop by when you have a chance..

  6. I've seen most of your list, lol. My one disagreement is with Dune. I really liked that movie.

    Basket case is one I deleted from my memory because it was so horrible.

  7. I think you have some good picks here. Of course, I couldn't totally vouch for that as I haven't seen any of them except Howard the Duck and as I recall I kind of liked it, but I'm weird like that. The others I guess I'll avoid.

    Tossing It Out

  8. Soooo....I liked all of those except the Dolls & Trolls. I agree DROP KICK and GO! LOL I was (and will admit to still being) a lover of all B Horror movies. Trolls was a bit of a gross out flick though....not a fan.

    My pick? Chuckie. HATE that movie. I have never been able to watch it. I saw the trailer and had nightmares for 3 months. Ech.