Thursday, September 1, 2011

Let's Celebrate Zombie Ducks

Yes, you read correctly. Zombie Ducks! If you haven't read my earlier post about my encounter with birds, click HERE. The background information is valuable before reading THIS post.

I decided it was time to show my kids it's good to face your fears. We go to the park often. The fabulous four play, I write, and many times we will picnic there. However, on this beautiful afternoon I told them we could feed the ducks. This was not something I was looking forward to, but my son thought it would be a grand adventure. My girls understand my fear of birds and could not wait to see how I would react.

We arrive at the park. I think to myself, "I've got this. Those six little ducks are nothing to me." I haven't seen more than that ANYTIME that we had been there before. Well, today, you would think they had put the word out that I would be there. We pulled up near the water and my kids erupted in laughter. A bazillion ducks were waiting on us. The crazy thing.... when I stopped the van, they all stopped whatever they were doing, looked our way, and started their zombie waddle toward the van. My 11 year old laughed, "It's Zombie Ducks!", and even the kids didn't want to jump right out into that flock of fun.
Yes, I know that doesn't look like much of a threat.... but....
this was the rest of the crazy coming at us.

The feeding began and my fabulous four braved the multitudes. Don't you like my lofty few from high up on the picnic table?
I'm supermom right? I thought to myself... I got this! I can feed the ducks. So I descended from my place of sanctuary and threw out the first little pieces of bread. I had the perfect  opportunity to take some great pictures. Two of our fine feathered friends were not happy about my camera. 
HISS #1!!!!
I waited for this one to move along and then I thought I had the chance to take the picture I wanted.
HISS #2 (notice how the eyes cut back over to me). 
In my mind I could hear the voice of Major Payne, "You plottin' on me?" The hair on my neck was standing up and by now I was sweating just a little. 
HISS #3 
(Oh, and see the little duck back there... that's the group I was expecting.)
Multiple ducks were hissing. My crew continued feeding the masses, and the more they fed the more fights broke out. One duck snipping another. Others being chased into the water over a crumb. Wings flared as one duck moved another out of the way. It was a bit more than I could take. I had goose bumps all over. I was so thankful that we ran out of food. We made our way to the docks to enjoy the view.
(This is just one of my favorite places to sit and think.)
When we absorbed the beauty and the heat, we left the docks to move on to the playground. However, when we had moved so did the zombie ducks. One watcher waited at the edge of the dock. He lay there watching the water in front of him until we walked by. Until I walked by. He turned... mouth opened... tongue out, and HISSED again. I took my camera out bent down as close as I could without completely screaming out loud and took his picture. 
In your best Gollum voice can't you just hear him say.... LEAVE! 
Our brave adventure was over. I survived to tell the tale. One of the fabulous four made the comment, "Zombie ducks make Dead Duck Wednesdays okay with me."


  1. Proud of you!!!

  2. LOVED this! I was laughing out loud. Zombie ducks scare me. You're a braver woman than I!
    I linked to this on Twitter for you.
    Are you on Twitter?
    Can't wait to read more of your stuff.
    (p.s. I'm a fellow campaigner.

  3. Love your duck photos! Stopping by from the Campaign to say 'hi'. I am in the same (chick lit) group as you.

  4. I have to say, I don't blame you for being scared of this hoard--because most of these are geese, not ducks, and geese can be really intimidating ( both because they're big, and my gander likes to bite). These are beautiful photos!

  5. nice photos .. i love the view ,, thanks for sharing this beautiful photos ..