Friday, September 14, 2012

FOCUS... a lost art


Come join the fun with Lisa-Jo Baker. It's a Friday Flash Mob and there's always room for more. The prompt this week is....


Perhaps a lost art in this house. I'm the queen of random thoughts, the diva of daydreaming.... as a writer it's required in the secret handbook that daydreaming is mandatory. However... I am in great need of focus today and this morning I was shown what it means to pause, collect myself and focus for just a moment on the bigger picture. I had my “to do” list for the day. Kids were dropped off at school and I was full speed ahead.... phone is ringing as I write... FOCUS..... that's what the answering machine is for. :P

I was moving right along in my day and I felt the need to stop and pray. REALLY with all I had to do? I prayed already this morning. Couldn't he let me off the hook... just this once?

So I stopped. I walked out to the edge of the mountain and stood there. The fog had settled on the Tennessee river and I watched it's ghostly movement along the water. Peaceful. 

I was not quite that peaceful inside. I needed to slow down. I breathed deep. Breathing in Peace, and then I realized... it's Friday.. full of possibility and full of promise. Time to see the world through peace and get as much out of this day as I possibly can with joy before me.. … and FOCUS.


  1. Love, love this! Thank you for sharing with us and it's so true that we can often get so busy with focus that we forget Who should be focusing us and giving us peace.

  2. You are singing my song, "the queen of random thoughts, the diva of daydreaming."

    I love the picture you posted and the image of you standing at the edge of the mountain, breathing deep—breathing in Peace. I need that too.

    Thanks for the reminder to stop, breathe, and focus.