Thursday, September 27, 2012

GRASP..... Five Minute Friday

It's time again for #FiveMinuteFriday.... and you won't want to miss it! What great fun to take five minutes, write freely with a one word prompt, post and start visiting! Come along and join this blogging flash mob of creativity. Visit Lisa-Jo Baker's site to find out more!

Our prompt this week is..... GRASP

When my 12 year old was two, or close to two, we were hanging out in the bookstore as a family. Just one of the places we would venture on our family fun days. There we were enjoying the quiet, the fun of the store when my little one climbed up on the little black stepping stool in the floor. It flipped. She landed one it. WHAM she landed on it with her chin and split it wide open! Blood was dripping from her little face. We soaked just about everything we had in that diaper bag with blood. Next we took off her shorts and held them under her little face. Soaked. We had to put a diaper under her chin. I was freaking out, but had to play super mom and sing to her on the way to the children's hospital while my husband drove.

Once in the room and her chin was numb from medication, she had to have stitches. Well, being so little they had to confine her. She was terrified. I told them let me hold her hand and buckle me in the straps with her. I grasped her hand..... they buckled us up and began to sew up her chin. I sang every introduction to every cartoon she loved, every Disney song, every church song, every nursery rhyme and in the end....when they set us free, she hugged me. I put her in her car seat and told her what a big girl she was. She was so sleepy. I closed the van door and sat down in the parking deck and cried. Grasp... I needed someone to take hold of me. :)  


  1. I've sung the Disney songs and You Are My Sunshine during a stitches incident, too. And then when it's all over, Mama gets to cry and cry and just breathe. He made us with cores of steel, I think.


  2. Wow, what a beautiful strapped in with her, singing to her. I had a friend as a kid who split her chin twice and her brother too. Guess it gushes and looks worse than it is, but what an ordeal as a parent! I love what you did though... and her hug at the end.