Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A to Z Challenge: Letter B

Welcome A to Zers! I'll be posting retro facts from the 70s and 80s, organizational helps (I know my mom is laughing), a bit of Cherokee trivia, and some fun for those who pass this way on their A to Z journey. I'll be posting a writing prompt, either a word or a picture for anyone willing to participate.

Go retro - BON JOVI 
Retro and relative.... not much more you can say about a group that can span so many decades and still look that good. :) Let's compare... then....
and now....
Let's flash back with one of my favorites..... I'll Be There For You 
Fun Fact - I do have the Rolling Stones Magazine with him on the front.... signed. Yeah, that's a great story for a different day. 

Organize - BINS
This is becoming my favorite way to organize. Everything in it's place... umm... well not all at once, but if you have places ready then organizing isn't so overwhelming. I have bins of all sizes for toys, pens, toys, books, art supplies, toys... and did I mention toys? Bins are cheap and you can usually find them at thrift stores. My newest bin on my desk is for all the charger cords that want to snake around my office. 

Cherokee Trivia - In the Echota Tribe of Alabama we have the BIRD Clan and the BLUE Clan. These are two of seven clans in the Echota Tribe. 

Writing Prompt - BROKEN
Write without thinking. Whatever comes to mind. Three sentences with the theme BROKEN. 


  1. Her fingers were broken. She was broken hearted to realize that he had consciously wounded her in such a way as to prevent her from expressing herself through her art. Was he so broken that the only way he could bear his own troubled life was by denying her the greatest joy of her own life?

  2. Popping in from the A-Z. That BonJovi is still hot, is he not?! God bless you for taking care of 4 (?) on your own. I love bins too! And I'm part Cherokee. Nice to meet you!
    from The Dugout

  3. As a former Jersey girl, I always appreciate a good Bon Jovi post! Enjoying the fact that you've combined a few different themes on your A to Z adventure - neat!

  4. The first time I saw Bon Jovi with short hair was when he was singing Bed of Roses on MTV Unplugged. I saw him in concert a few years ago, and he's still got the magic.

  5. They had beaten her, starved her, and had threatened to kill her. But no matter how hard they tried, they would never break her. She was an elf, and the blood of warriors ran through her veins.