Sunday, November 11, 2012

Picture It & Write

Flash fiction has become my favorite thing to do. A picture can send the mind whirling and land you in a place you never intended to go, but can't seem to leave.

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The picture of inspiration.

"Let me take that out of your way."
"Be careful, you wouldn't want to break that."
"Oh honey, let's not use these for our tea. I'm saving these for something special."

The dreaded tea cups that adorned my grandmother's counter. How proud she was of her flawless set of cups and saucers. Oh how I loved to trace the design with my fingertips, but only did it once in her presence. The wrath of a woman that loved her things more than me was swift and sure. I was never allowed to actually use the cups. I'm not sure she ever used them either, but they were cleaned daily, used or not. 

It seems strange now that she's gone.She was specific on leaving the tea set to me. It's been eight years now, and today I have tea ready. I pour it carefully into the beautiful cup. This is it. I'm really going to do it. Taking a deep breath I sigh heavily. Even the noise seems too much for the delicate cup. I sip my tea slowly, enjoying every last drop from the forbidden cup. I feel bold and daring. This is it. My final reward. The four place setting that will haunt me for fear of breaking it and upsetting the heavenly realm. 

I place the empty tea cup gently on the saucer. Finished, and no one died. Taking the hammer from the drawer, I raise it over my head and bring it down with a forceful blow. Shards fly. I breathe deeply. 

Fear released. 

I clean up the mess and then carefully clean the other three cups. I'll call my two daughters in soon and we'll have a grand tea party. As it should be with such a fine set. 


  1. I like how your delivered the emotion, pent up, through the hammer. Well done. Oh, and hello.

  2. Wow. I sense a bit of resentment in our main character over her grandmother. I loved the structure of this part "I raise it over my head and bring it down with a forceful blow. Shards fly." Powerful. It draws our attention to the shards flying. Thanks for contributing, Vanessa. :)

    - Ermisenda