Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ramblings... With An Ocean View.

I turned 43 on the 18th of November. How strange it was since something seemed different this year. Something in me has changed, I guess. There comes a time when you just feel stronger, more sure, and ready for whatever comes your way. I'm there.... so let's do this!

Recently I had the joy of standing at the edge of the ocean. I love going to the beach. I take a giant plastic table cloth, my writing notebook, my camera, a cooler of snacks for the kids, and a bazillion towels. We play all day and I write there with such inspiration that I'm sure that's where I should be living. But while I was standing there I felt all the stress in my life melt away. So I gave it all to the waters ebbing at my feet. 
I wrote it and watched it disappear.
Funny that I had to write this one four times before I could get the picture.
Nice to see THAT words taken away.
Stepping in the water I enjoyed the moment of feeling free, and then I had to readjust my footing. The sand was being pulled from underneath my feet. I laughed thinking about what I had written in the sand and what I knew in my heart. Letting go means moving on. The world is constant and ever changing. You have to find your place to stand. So many of us want to exist in a place of comfort, but comfort doesn't allow for progress. Just as the shape of the shore changes with each pull of the tide...
..... life is in constant motion. Existing in comfort creates stagnation. Consider stagnant water.. full of bacterial growth that contaminates the water source. Be a source where life flows continually. Comfort is nice for those who give up on life. Me, I'd rather ride the waves. 

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