Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Power of Words.... Pass them on!

I am learning so much about marketing and networking trying to promote FRIDAY LUNCH. It really is all about timing. Posting at the high traffic time. Commenting on just the right blog. Connecting. Tweeting. Making friends. Asking questions. Making lists. Adding circles. Pinning. Social media interfacing can easily take the place of writing, so you have to be careful, but it is an introvert's dream come true. I can be outgoing, funny, witty, clever, compassionate, understanding, and flirtatious. A friend laughed when she said she always goes online and reads my blog, and I told her how difficult it really is for me to do all of that. She also laughed when I told her I was an introvert. My personality type is not the topic here.... I'll move along.

Scheduling when to post where is a must. I'm learning. We all are. Don't get comfortable either, because just when you've got it all organized and figured out just how you like it, big brother changes something in the mix and you get to learn another way to do what was working great. I'll not go into this topic either. 

There are always ways to manipulate social media for marketing. Books are being written about just this very thing. Numerous articles are being published daily, tweeted and retweeted about how to market through social media. 

Well, I have been trying my hand at Pinterest. It's an easy addiction. Take all the cool things you like, all the neat things you find online, all the things you don't want to forget and 'pin' it to your boards. Fantastic idea. I watched for a week or so and saw when to pin things. I have a board called "Worth Remembering" and it contains quotes, funny pictures, motivational sayings.. that sort of thing. I learned to post late on this board. Traffic is high late at night. Evidently there are a lot of people just like me that do not sleep, but are online instead of on the phone. Introverts rule the midnight hour.

My latest post was one that actually brought tears to me when I saw it pass through my facebook news feed. 

I uploaded the pin and linked it back to the page on facebook shared by someone else.. Within 20 minutes, my post was repinned 110 times and liked 22 times. Within 1 hour it was repinned 248 times and liked 40 times. I sat there.. wondering. What kind of emotion passed through those hearts when they read this? What broken spirit was at her keyboard and felt a peace just reading the words? What lonely soul read those words and for a moment didn't feel like the world was crashing around her?
(I just checked before I posted this, and it's been repinned 419 times and liked 72. The power of words is astounding. Pass them on!)

I'll still be using social media to market. I'm trying to make a living as a writer. It can be done. However.... as I pin onto my Worth Remembering board from now on, I will consider what I'm pinning and try to be sure that the things I share have heart, might have words that heal, and truly are worth remembering. 


  1. That is definitely a powerful quote!
    Thanks for sharing,
    Kristina :)

    PS. I'm going to pin your book to my "Books to Read" board - it sounds like just the sort of story I love - separate lives somehow entwining together - looking forward to reading it:)

  2. PPS. And I just ordered a copy for my sister too - thanks! :)

  3. The words we write, post, speak - have power to heal, power to hurt, power to move hearts indeed!

    Thanks for the reminder to be intentional.

    I have a "pin" account my my slow dial-up connection makes it difficult for me to get too involved in pinning.. this may be a good thing.

  4. Hey, I'm Rebecca from the writing campaign and just stopped by to say hi. Thanks for the post. I have felt lost many times in the social media blitz. Where to go, what to post, how often, so I appreciate hearing from others. I haven't tried Pinterest, maybe I will have to now. :) Have a good one!

  5. That's a great quote. I'm stopping by from the Campaign too. I try hard to be meaningful when engaging in social media. However, it is important to remember to have fun with it, and I think the two can co-exist very well - since talking about writing is my second favourite thing after writing!

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