Saturday, February 4, 2012

Valentine's Countdown.... Baklava.. are you kidding?

Seriously, this link will take you to a step by step photo process of how to create Baklava. You can go print off the one from Tyler Florence (or just click the link to him, since he's such a cutie). I can say that on my blog since I'll never meet the man, right? 

I have ALWAYS wanted to make this stuff. It is my absolute favorite dessert of all time and I have NEVER made it. 

Can you imagine if someone took the time to make a serious dessert like this for Valentine's Day? You better say thank you and offer to clean up. 

I joke around a lot about the man I'll meet someday. I think I'm going to need him to know how to make fun chocolate favorite things. That will be the way to win me over.... or at least do the dishes when I make this! 


  1. Having lived in the Middle East, our family is quite familiar with Baklava. I have made it numerous times. Around the holidays, Costco has a very good tray of Baklava ready made.

  2. Oh MAN, I love baklava! I'm not crazy about chocolate though. I like it, I just like vegetables more. I know--it's weird.

    I'm in your adult fiction campaign group! It's nice to meet you.