Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Countdown To Valentine's Day

Here it is.... the countdown to Valentine's Day. The day that single minded people seem to freak out a bit and think they are missing out on some amazing day because they don't receive some box of chocolates when most of it will be thrown away (who really eats the strawberry filled ones). Or... they didn't get a dozen roses (dead flowers within a week). So, my take on Valentine's Day isn't the pursuit of Mr. Right or even Mr. Good Enough for Right Now. Would I like some gorgeous man to pull right up to my door and whisk me away on a romantic evening... well, of course. I'm not dead.. But, reality says that's not going to happen. Am I fine with that... absolutely.

I decided long ago that a day where love is celebrated should be just that..... a celebration, not a disappointment of things we don't get or don't have. I am loved. I have four fantastic kids, a wonderful family, and friends that do more than tolerate my craziness... they care. Don't get me wrong... a man in my life would be amazing, but not in a way that would complete who I am. Love from another should be an addition to who you are, not define your identity. I hope my beautiful friends can find that peace in these next two weeks, and believe they are amazing just the way they are. I also want my kids to understand that my life isn't lacking and I'm not missing out on life because I don't have a date for the happy heart day. 

We make our Valentine's Day about chocolate and fun. We plan each year to make some new and wonderful creation that we enjoy all day. So for the next 14 days, I'll be sharing my favorite chocolate and fun with you. This is today's. Enjoy!

Find out how to make this here.

 Homemade Samoas... that's right. 
Oh, this one is more like a need than a want.

My dearest friends, if nothing else in the days to come.... see your lives as beautiful, see your dreams as reachable, and see your plates as in need of chocolate. 

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