Saturday, April 2, 2011

A-Z Blogging Challenge: Letter B

I have a mixed media A-Z for you all to enjoy! For my 26 posts enjoy great movie lines, favorite children's books, fantastic music selections, and perhaps an episode of Seinfeld or I Love Lucy! A little something for everyone!

Paperboy: I want my two dollars! 

by the Baha Men

(Oh, you're going to want to dance with this one!)

I Love Lucy episode- because today is a good day to laugh.

ETHEL: [does not believe that Lucy got her black eye when Ricky accidentally tossed her a book with poor aim, and suspects abuse instead] This is Ethel, your friend, to whom you may turn in time of crisis.
LUCY: Ethel, have you been drinking?


  1. I love the Baha Men and I remember that Lucy episode :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  2. I love your themes. I remember most of these and they all made me smile.

  3. Loved this very much look forward to the next.


  4. Better Off Dead is an awesome movie!!

  5. Better Off Dead is a cute movie. So was John Cusack!

  6. Better Off Dead is great! My husband and I both love that movie, and once we tried to teach a teen we know what we meant when we joked with each other and said, "I want my two dollars." He just looked at us like we were crazy.
    Still, I think it is a timeless movie . . . he just needs to watch it.

  7. I love - I love Lucy! so funny. Good idea for the A-Z theme!